Governor Holcomb gives 2023 State of the State address

NOW: Governor Holcomb gives 2023 State of the State address

(ABC). --Governor Eric Holcomb has given his seventh and final State of the State Address.

Holcomb outlined his three main goals for the Hoosier state, with his first being to secure Indiana's place in the economy for the future.

His second goal is better public health access, advocating for a significant increase in the state's public health appropriation, with a 347-million-dollar influx of cash over the next two years, deployed locally by cities, where people need them.

That money could go towards mental health, assisting Hoosiers in defeating addiction, improving maternal and infant mortality rates, as well as helping veterans facing double the risk of suicide.

Holcomb's final goal is to continue investing in Hoosier classrooms of all ages, as he wants legislature to increase school safety grants by 30 percent.

Starting pay for Indiana State Police to raise to seventy thousand annually, along with providing funds for firefighter training and protective equipment.

Governor Holcomb claims that all of these goals are possible through budgets he proposed last week.

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