Governor Holcomb unveils next level agenda

NOW: Governor Holcomb unveils next level agenda

Indianapolis, Ind- Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb is outlining his 2018 Next Level agenda.

The governor is putting an emphasis on building a strong Hoosier workforce to fill high-wage, high-demand jobs.

In a statement, Holcomb said, “In 2018, I will remain sharply focused on building our workforce and other key issues that affect Hoosiers most—jobs, economic growth, health, infrastructure, and government service. I look forward to working closely with state lawmakers and other stakeholders in the year ahead to advance this plan.”

At an event Wednesday, Holcomb outlined the five pillars of his plan.

The first pillar is to cultivate a strong and diverse economy. The governor plans to do that by attracting new talent, supporting Indiana’s growing tech sector and preparing for next generation technologies.

The second pillar focuses on infrastructure. Holcomb wants to advance his 2017 road funding plan. In 2018, the governor wants to focus on the state’s water resources and add a fourth port to expand Indiana’s global economic presence.

Third, is developing a 21st Century skilled and ready workforce. That means a focus on education and creating a new Education to Career Pathway Cabinet. The cabinet will be led by former La Porte Mayor Blair Milo.

Fourth on the governor’s list is attacking the drug epidemic. With a focus on strengthening enforcement, expanding recovery options, and making it easier for Hoosiers to locate and access treatment, Holcomb hopes to slow down the growing problem.

Lastly, Governor Holcomb wants great government service to be the cornerstone of his Next Level Agenda. He says Indiana will continue its history of strong financial management and maintain healthy reserves in the New Year.

After the announcement, Governor Holcomb started his Next Level Agenda Tour. This week he will visit Lafayette, Sellersburg, Jasper, Fort Wayne and Elkhart.

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