"Grace Guarantee" offers raised minimums for student financial aid at Grace College

WARSAW, Ind. -- Grace College announced a new raised minimum for student financial aid on Wednesday. 

Beginning in 2023, Grace College is offering the Grace Guarantee, which promises Kosciusko county residents a minimum of $12,000 in grants and scholarship money.

According to Dr. Mark Pohl, vice president of enrollment management at Grace, part of the initiative is to keep area residents close to home.

"While it's a popular notion to get out of town for college, we've found that many students in Kosciusko County love it here and aren't looking for a reason to leave, so we're giving everyone an extra incentive to stay," said Dr. Pohl.

All Kosciusko county students will be included in the guarantee, whether they attended public school, private school, or received their schooling at home.

More information about Grace College and financial aid can be found online at https://www.grace.edu/admissions/undergraduate/financial-aid-scholarships/scholarships-and-grants/

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