Graffiti continues to cause headaches for city's South side

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A rash of vandalism over the weekend Is putting a damper on South Bend's efforts to clean up the graffiti problem on the South side of town.

Over the summer, the city's graffiti abatement program cleaned up more than 500 sites around town, many of which were on the South side. Yet despite the city's best efforts, more graffitti keeps showing up.

In three days five places, all within blocks of each other, were tagged with the same graffiti markings. 


"When you look at it you can't really tell what it says, but I noticed that on neighbors it says something about a dot com place and it's just really strange," says Jeremy Seibert.


Jeremy Seibert's garage was just one of three houses in the neighborhood tagged with graffiti over the weekend. Seibert says although there have been problems with graffiti on the South side, he was surprised to see it happen in his neighborhood.


"It was shocking, it's been a while since I started living here and we haven't had anything like this, it's a really quiet neighbor".


Frustrated, now Seibert is left to clean up the mess, "With the economy the way it is you can barely get by and now you have figure out a way to make your home look like it was".



The two businesses hit over the weekend have already removed their graffiti, but for homeowners like Seibert they say they will have to wait until they can afford to remove it. 

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