Granger florist sees boost in Mother’s Day flower delivery amid pandemic

NOW: Granger florist sees boost in Mother’s Day flower delivery amid pandemic

ST.JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind.— With so many places that you’d normally take your mom on Mother’s Day closed because of the coronavirus, local shops are adapting. One floral shop in Granger has seen a boost in their delivery sales.    

Granger Florist has been taking orders since mid-April. The general manager, Tyla Leas said they’ve had a busier season than they had originally anticipated this year.

“It was different than what we expected. I don’t think anyone knew what to expect, said Leas. “We could’ve either been slow because people wanted to stay in more or we could have been busy because people couldn’t go see their mothers and grandmas.”

Both Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day are the busiest time of the year for florist. This year, no one would have suspected that Mother’s Day would land in the middle of a pandemic.

 Leas said they didn’t have the extra help they normally would on a busy holiday.

“We had only two drivers, and we had two designers that we kept,” Leas said. “Our staffing was limited because of the virus.”

While the floral shop wasn’t opened to customers because of the pandemic, Leas said most of the orders were done online or over the phone. Although some people have been picking up their flower arraignments curbside, over 300 of the orders have been delivered with no-contact delivery.  

“Our drivers would leave it at the porch, ring the bell and walk away,” Leas said. “And if somebody didn’t answer the door, as they were walking away, they would make a phone call and tell them that they were there waiting.”

Around 35 to 40 flower deliveries are made a day. Granger Florist started delivering flowers on Tuesday. 

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