Granger teenager reports run-in with three men in a van

A teenage girl says she was approached by three men in a van Tuesday night in her Granger subdivision.  

According to police, the van approached the young girl in the Fox Chase Subdivision and the three men asked her to get into the van with them. The van is described as a white construction van. 

The girl told police she refused to get in the van and ran from the men, cutting through yards to get away from them.

Lt. Blank with the St. Joseph County Sheriff's Department says the girl did the right thing by running straight home and making sure the police were notified.

The St. Joseph County Police say this case has been assigned to a detective who is following up on information. 

Police say they unfortunately do not have the manpower to increase patrols, but they will make their patrols more visible. 

If you have any information about this incident, you are urged to contact police.
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