Grapes on the green at Blackthorn

South Bend, Ind. - Event staff at the Four Winds Invitational didn’t know how the community would react to the brand-new event, Grapes on the Green.

Owner Tim Firestone, expressed his excitement with the number of people registered.

“We couldn’t be more excited about the turnout. We have 160 people that are already signed up, and we’re expecting more tonight.”

Sheryl Fish registered for the event. She said the relaxation and fellowship of the event offered something new to the golf club.

“There’s going to be so many people that want to do some great wine tasting, but also be a part of the tournament.”

The event features eighteen wines from all over the world which pair with nine local restaurants at every hole along the course.

“It’s a beautiful golf course, it’s a great time of night to go do that. There will be wild life out. Just a beautiful, peaceful night with great wines and great food,” said Firestone.

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