Greatest Chefs in Michiana Raise $80,000

MICHIANA, IND. --These days, Sabree Freeman is busy creating new projects with the Michiana YMCA Robotics Team.  She says that is all thanks to her mentors at the YMCA.

"Pretty much giving me a's either do the right thing or don't go do anything", said Sabree Freeman.

Tonight, she helped give back to a place that has given her so much, all by serving dinner at union station for the greatest chefs in Michiana competition.

"You go around and you taste the foods..the different types and style..and then you vote", said Freeman

The annual competition pairs local celebrities up with restaurants to raise money for the YMCA so they can continue going to their community programs..

"Y.M.C.A. came into our lives, created our robotics team and helped us with tutoring and all other kinds of things", said Sabree.

Our own Krista Fogelsong teamed up with Fiddler's Hearth and Chef Tony Nafrady to create this delicious scotch pie.

"Pan-seared duck with carrots, celery, onions and for the sauce its worchester and cream thickened up through", said Chef Tony Nafrady.

Even though the scotch pie did not win the contest, it did help raise $110,000 for the community programs at the Y.M.C.A.

"I really want to thank my coaches and the ymca for doing what they do because i believe that they do change people's lives", said Sabree Freeman

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