Grissom Middle School teaching science through hip hop

Grissom Middle School in Mishawaka is making learning fun for their students through the FMA Live Science Group.

Lavon Dean-Null, the Assistant Principal said “I think it’s a great way for our school to come together and really emphasize the sciences. We know that it’s really important for kids to be interested in science so this compiles lots of different aspects that kids enjoy.”

She said they use everything from “music to dance to live performances and then they incorporate all those things to teach them the Laws of Newton.”

And students like 8th grader Vivek Patel, who participated in the live performance, said this experience made learning about cause and effect a whole lot more memorable.

“First, we explained the first law with two people jumping on a Velcro wall. The second law was kicking a soccer ball that got larger each time. It was really big at the end. And then the last law was the third law which I participated in. We had to shoot these atoms at a target and then if we hit the target our Vice Principal would get drenched in apple sauce.”

Just one of the sacrifices Dean-Null says she’ll make for her students.

“Unfortunately, they ended up dousing me with applesauce. They hit the target every time.”

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