Grounds crew working hard to get Notre Dame Stadium ready

NOTRE DAME, Ind. --Getting Notre Dame Stadium ready for Friday’s game isn’t something that is done overnight.

Grounds crew work on the field all year long.

They do everything from fertilizing, to aerating, and even top dressing; they do it all.

Just a few days ago, the crew of 10 painted the yard lines.

It’s a very tedious process, making sure that each yard line is straight.

The crew takes pride in their work.

Dan Brazo is Notre Dame’s Athletic Facilities Manager and he said, “"The way it starts out in the spring is kind of the way it ended in the fall. Its pretty beat up! People then say oh wow the field looks pretty beat up, can you do this can you do that? It's all a matter of patience.”

The field crew doesn’t just prep Notre Dame Stadium, they also take care of all the athletic fields. They take care of the soccer, baseball and softball fields, just to name a few; that’s more than 55 acres.

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