Faith leaders calling for reforms, accountability within South Bend Police Department

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — A group of faith leaders are demanding answers and asking for reforms and accountability within the South Bend Police Department following the deadly shooting of Eric J. Logan on Sunday morning.

'“At last night’s vigil we saw a tremendous cross section of the community gathering to share the grief of the family,”' said Rev. Andrew Stoner, organizer with Faith in Indiana. '“Family members asked why the officer’s body camera was not on and why the police transported Eric Logan to the hospital. Together we’ll press for answers and for change.”'

The St. Joseph County chapter of the non-profit Faith in Indiana wants an independent prosecutor to investigate and pursue criminal charges regarding the case and the following:

  • Enhanced implicit bias training for officers.
  • Reforms on police procedure for use of force and training.
  • Adoption of “Peacemaker Fellowships” to reduce city violence.

'“There must be a better way. Our police officers need more training to de-escalate tense situations,” said Pastor Wendy Fultz, leader in Faith in Indiana. “This man didn’t have to die. It’s like our society does not consider Black men human beings. Sometimes it can feel like if you call the police, you might as well call the mortuary.”'

The chapter hopes this will result in crucial changes to police protocol in high-stress situations.

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