Group protests Amazon facilities move to South Bend

NOW: Group protests Amazon facilities move to South Bend


SOUTH BEND, Ind. - The group “No Amazon South Bend,” was downtown Friday afternoon protesting the new amazon distribution center on the northwest side of South Bend.

They were outside the Great Lakes Capital building because that business owns the building that Amazon leases from.

Several members of the No Amazon South Bend group were singing songs and chanting for Amazon to get out of South Bend, with one sign even reading “abolish Amazon.”

The main reason is that they say Amazon is not good for workers.

“We’re trying to create good jobs, not just any jobs and Amazon has a really long history of really poor labor practice,” Rebecca Royce, a group member said.

They were arguing for Amazon to leave the building on the city’s northwest side and a better business should move in.

Besides arguing that amazon has poor labor practices and inadequate pay, the group is saying that this facility will also affect a residential zone.

According to Royce, neighbors near the facility are not happy.

“It’s a residential community, you are going to be creating a bunch of traffic now with in and out. For people picking up packages, taking packages out,” she said. “There are lots of families with kids in that area. We’d like to see something better be used in that facility.”

The group is both protesting for Amazon to leave but also for a meeting with Amazon representative or a financial consultant at Great Lakes Capital to discuss unionization among other things.

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