Group works to build greenhouses, provide jobs in Mishawaka

One South Bend group is building greenhouses to provide jobs for dozens of autistic adults in the area.

They began hammering away Thursday in Mishawaka.

“One of my goals for Green Bridge is long term employment and also to work with growing plants as well,” Christ Tidmarsh, cofounder of Green Bridge Growers said.

With Green Bridge Growers, Tidmarsh is making both of those things possible.

“Me and my mom had the idea that we could start Green Bridge together and also employ people on the autism spectrum like me,” Tidmarsh said.

Two years ago they founded Green Bridge Growers, which grows food locally and employs autistic adults, like Tidmarsh and his buddy, Matt Coleman.

 “It may be gloomy but it’s an amazing day,” Coleman said.

They spent the day working on Green Bridge’s biggest project yet, building a set of eight aquaponic greenhouses in Mishawaka, that will employ at least 40 autistic adults. 

A grant from Home Depot and some friendly volunteers are making it all possible.

Through the special system, plants will grow through metal rods.. The plants will be donated to local restaurants and food banks.

The nonprofit says its main goal is planting the employment opportunities for autistic adults.

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