Gun pointed at Mishawaka family on the bypass for 'going too slow'

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- A Mishawaka woman is claiming her family was the victim of road rage. She said a driver pulled a gun on them for driving too slow and now she wants her off the road.

The family is thankful they’re all okay today.

“You not only endangered my life, you endangered my wife and my kids’ lives,” Marty Yandl said, the father of the children in the car and the driver of the vehicle.

They were able to get a picture of their license plate and now, they said police are trying to find the driver responsible.

“If you’re going to aim a weapon, there should be a purpose for aiming that weapon,” Marty said. ”Not just to aim it. I’m passing the traffic, next thing you know, i get over in the right hand lane, after I pass all the semis, and she pulls a gun on me. I guess i wasn’t going fast enough? I was pretty scared; I’ve never had a gun pointed at me.””

Rachel and Marty were on their way home with their kids in the back, when they were forced to pull off, into the Family Express off Dragoon Trail, all because a woman decided to point a gun at their driver’s side window while they were driving.

“Our kids were in the car with us and you see a gun pointed at your family and your first reaction is oh my god what’s going to happen to my kids?” Rachel Yandl said, the mother of the children in the vehicle. “I totally understand someone being mad for not going as fast as you would like them to, but it’s never okay to pull a gun like that.”

The couple took to social media to let everyone know that this driver is still on the road concerned for the safety of others. Her license plate and car make and model are pictured.

“I do want everyone to be aware that this person is on the road and that this is something she could do to you if you piss her off, you never know,” Rachel said.

Rachel and Marty said they would like to see charges pressed if police are able to find the woman that pointed the gun.

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