Gunman in Valparaiso standoff dead

VALPARAISO, Ind. -- New information on Friday's standoff in Valparaiso.

We've learned the gunman has died from self-inflicted wounds.

Police say the gunman, identified as 48-year-old Roy Lee Ferguson, of Texas, was looking for someone he believed owned him money.
Ferguson entered the Valparaiso realty office just after 10 a.m. Friday and took several hostages.
He released them several hours into a stand-off then shot himself.
"I came out and I just like looked at him. I said get the...out. And at that time he drew a gun and when he drew the gun I quick backed up into my office and shut the door...She told us to barricade the door and we heard initially just two shots, and then we heard several shots which I understand was the cops coming in later," said hostage Carolyn Biesen.
Ferguson was taken to the hospital with three gunshot wounds to the head.
The coroner says the wounds were likely from two different weapons.
He died at the hospital.
At least two hostages were injured, but are expected to be okay.

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