Gusty conditions could impact leaf pick-up

Some residents in South Bend can get some relief today from all those leaves.

The 2015 Fall ReLeaf Program began on Monday and those living in the northwest area will see leaf collection crews all over the streets Thursday.

Rain and wind has been this week’s weather theme and its effect on leaves hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Piles of leaves on the streets have the potential to cause flooding and clogged drains and the addition of heavy winds means more leaves on the ground.

Wind gusts could top 40 miles per hour on Thursday and for leaf collection crews that spells potential trouble.

Crews will be coming around the northwest area Thursday, Friday, and Monday but the bad weather could slow the process and increase the risks of flooding, the next time it rains.

Collection crews will visit four different quadrants in South Bend this year, twice. The 2015 Fall ReLeaf program runs until November 30th

For a list of helpful tips on the leaf collection process, click here.

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