Gypsy moth treatments by DNR, not harmful to humans

 The Indiana Department of Natural Resources sprayed St. Joseph County Wednesday morning to help stop the spread of the invasive gypsy moth.

Gypsy moth caterpillars are known to consume foliage, and can often destroy trees altogether.  

According to the DNR, the gypsy moth will never be completely eliminated from the state, but spraying helps cut down on the number of caterpillars.  

Phil Marshall of Indiana DNR's Division of Entomology and Pathology says the pesticide to kill the caterpillars is bacteria based, not chemical based.

This is not harmful to humans because gypsy moths and humans are affected by different bacteria.

A second spraying will take place at Potato Creek State Park during the third week of June.  

For more information on gypsy moth treatments, click here, visit Twitter, or call 1-888-EXT-INFO.
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