Hacienda HQ responds to reports of mice in Elkhart restaurant

NOW: Hacienda HQ responds to reports of mice in Elkhart restaurant

ELKHART, Ind.-- An unwanted sight was caught on camera at a popular Michiana restaurant.
A customer posted a video of a mouse running around the dining room at the Hacienda Mexican restaurant in Elkhart.

Hacienda HQ responded to reports of mice seen by customers in an Elkhart restaurant on Monday.

The following statement was released:

"The safety of our food and customers is of the utmost importance to our corporation. Food Quality is essential to our organization and any form of complaint of this nature requires the type of immediate attention to which we have shown. We have standards for all of our restaurants that include monthly visits from professional pest control companies to maintain active pest control standards. As soon as we were made aware of this incident, we began working with our pest control company daily to remedy the situation.

We've worked with the Health Department on-site and we've been cleared to operate.

All of us as employees play a part each day in making sure we meet and exceed standards in the food industry. Quick actions are what demonstrate our commitment to our community and our guests. We eat here, our families eat here and we take food quality and food safety very seriously."

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