Hairdresser recalls client Jackie Walorski

NOW: Hairdresser recalls client Jackie Walorski

MISHAWAKA, Ind. --- Condolences continue to pour out from the community after the sudden death of U.S. Congresswoman Jackie Walorski; all sharing memories with her and how they will remember her. This includes family and friends, politicians, loyal supporters, and even the people that helped keep up her style.

People that get their hair done regularly know that the bond you make with your hairdresser is a special one. For a local hairdresser names Kelli Squires, she is reflecting on the countless memories and conversations she was once able to have with her former client, Jackie Walorski.

“You can meet somebody, but you can also get to know them and know their story, and really make a difference because she made a difference in so many people’s lives,” says Squires, Walorski’s former hair stylist.

For Squires, she did not think that ‘somebody’ in her life would be Congresswoman Jackie Walorski, until one day she called her asking for a haircut.

“Her friend Sharon came to me, and said she was working with Jackie as her assistant. I said ‘get her in here and let me do her hair’, and I didn’t think she would ever call,” recalls Squires. “Then she called and I was scared out of my mind.”

That nervousness quickly blossomed into a friendship between the two that would last for years.

“She put me at ease,” Squires says about her late friend. “She was the most real, genuine person and made me feel comfortable, and ultimately became a family friend.”

Squires recalls Walorski feeling relaxed while she got her hair cut, because it was a break from her intense, political career.

“It’s just nice to have that time to talk about something other than what you do for a living,” says Squires.

One of their many chit-chats at the hair salon turned into one of Squires’ favorite memories from their friendship.

“I remember one day we were redoing our landscaping and she had a big opinion about that,” Squires says. “She goes ‘you need hostas, you need hostas everywhere!’ and that weekend, her and Dean showed up with a ton of hostas that he had been splitting anyways and said ‘here, here’s your hostas.’”

“She was a real person and she’s really going to be missed,” Squires adds.

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