Halloween rainy weather puts a damper on local activities

Saturday’s rainy weather put a damper on trick-or-treating and other local activities.

Local bars are typically packed on Irish away games especially those that fall on Halloween, but, with the frightful weather many Hoosiers chose to cheer on the Irish from home.

Many of South Bend’s hot spots saw the effects of this.

Owner of Corby’s Irish Pub Joe Mittiga says his bar saw a great turnout on Thursday and Friday for their Halloween parties. But on Saturday, business was disappointing.

Mittiga said that Saturday’s drop in business won’t really affect his bottom line, especially after an otherwise successful week.

Mittiga says he was mostly disappointed for his kids and the other trick-or-treaters who were rained out.

“As a father I was disappointed. As a bar owner too, when it rains like this steadily there’s just less traffic moving around it just puts a damper on things, you know, in general,” said Mittiga.

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