Halloween's snowfall a once in a 25-year occurrence

"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow." 

Was anyone else singing along or humming to that song on Halloween?

Well, if you were, you likely weren't alone. Heavy, wet snowflakes fell late in the afternoon and evening across the entire Michiana region. At times the flakes were a couple inches wide! 

Maximum snow depth Halloween night.
And because of how large they were, many rooftops, lawns, vehicles, and mulch-y areas turned white rather quickly.

And most locations tallied an official snow report, ranging from a "trace" to as much as an inch or so. 

That includes South Bend, which saw 0.2" of snow. While that may seem very minor, it was the 4th-snowiest Halloween in the city's history dating back to 1894! 

In addition, we only see measurable snow -- which is considered at least 0.1" -- in South Bend once every 25 years! That's how rare our snow was on Thursday!

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