Hannah Hidalgo's Helping Hands

NOW: Hannah Hidalgo’s Helping Hands

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- In just 27 games with the Irish, Hannah Hidalgo has become a household name.

Standing at 5 feet 6 inches, the freshman point guard is a thief in the night.

Hidalgo leads the country with 128 steals, and Hannah isn't just stealing the show.

She is one of only two players in the nation to average more than 20 points, five rebounds, and five assists per game this season.

Hidalgo is also the fastest player in Notre Dame Women's Basketball history to score 500 points.

"I give a lot of props to my coaches, and you know, my teammates, because they do a great job of just allowing me to be comfortable so that I can, you know, put up those numbers and they do, my teammates do a great job of encouraging me and they want me to shoot," shared Hidalgo.

"I think I'm a dog, you know. I like to play with that kind of fire," she said.

Hidalgo is now on a mission to give back in any way she can.

On February 22, Hannah celebrated her 19th birthday by launching a philanthropic foundation called Hannah's Helping Hands, right in the heart of South Bend.

Hannah's Helping Hands was formulated to be able to assist the community.

Hidalgo's mother, Tamara Hidalgo, is the Executive Director of the foundation.

'We want to feed the hungry, we want to clothe those who are needy, we want to teach financial literacy. So there's so much that we want to do," stated Tamara.

One day one, the foundation took 40 kids to the Notre Dame vs. Clemson game to see Hannah and the Irish beat the Tigers.

"It just shows what's important to her. And sometimes you don't recognize your purpose until later in life and the fact that she has a solid foundation, and she realizes the impact that she's making here, and she wants to be able to give back and doing it at an early age, I think is incredible," shared Notre Dame Coach Niele Ivey.

You can learn more about Hannah's Helping Hands here.

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