Head Start program seeks teachers

The Elkhart & St. Joseph County Head Start Consortium opens its doors on September 1st and they need your help to fill over 60 teaching vacancies

“We need them [teachers] today in order to get started,” said Kathy Guajardo, Executive Director.

Head Start says they have the money to support low income families with child care.

They just received a grant worth a couple of million dollars, but the organization doesn’t have the people.

“As far as the teacher shortage we’ll figure out a way to get that taken care of but if anyone is interested we certainly need them to apply,” said Guajardo.

Right now there are 66 teacher openings, 46 for anyone interested in working with children between the ages of birth and 3, and 20 through Title 1, which supports low income parents.

“We’re going to be able to manage the Title 1 program serving pre-k services in the school system for South Bend schools and we need 10 teachers and 10 teacher’s assistants,” said Guajardo.

But with summer dwindling down the question is how will all those vacancies be filled in time.

“We don’t know, we’ve been advertising heavily through TV, radio spots and newspaper ads. We just don’t know if people aren’t aware that these openings are available. But we need help,” said Guajardo.

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