Health benefits of the 'dry January' challenge

NOW: Health benefits of the ’dry January’ challenge

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. --Many people are starting the year with a no-alcohol challenge, it’s called ‘Dry January’, and people are picking up on the trend. 

Reducing the intake of alcohol is not only good for your body, but it’s also good if you’re a woman. Whether you drink moderately or excessively, registered dietician Nicole Morrissey with Spectrum Health Lakeland said a recent study shows that alcohol is linked to breast cancer. Even one serving of alcohol a day increases a women’s risk of developing breast cancer in her lifetime.

Right now, people are taking part in dry January, a no alcohol challenge, where people abstain from drinking for a whole month. This is usually done right after the holiday season as a way to start the year sober, clear of mind, and to reset, recharge, and reassess their relationship with alcohol.

Morrissey said the health benefits can include increased energy, improved sleep, mental clarity, and even improved dietary patterns such as diminishing calorie intake which can lead to weight-loss.

“Comprising too much of our calories for the day, it can displace other important nutrients particularly vitamins and minerals. And we know that food choice may not be as healthy and wholesome when alcohol is excessive and part of the picture,” Morrissey said.

This challenge isn’t a cure for those who have a drinking problem, but it can be a starting point if you want to reduce your alcohol intake. 

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