Health class controversy in Plymouth

NOW: Health class controversy in Plymouth


A Plymouth health class teacher is under scrutiny tonight after giving her students a class assignment that has sparked a bit of controversy.

Plymouth Superintendent Daniel Tyree says the whole thing has been completely blown out of proportion after just last week a teacher at Lincoln Junior High asked her students to answer a series of questions relating to sexual orientation and gender identities.

The 9 questions receiving more backlash than answers include: What is an LGBTQ ally? What is gender identity? And what are two things you can do to show support of the LGBTQ community?

“It goes way beyond education its actually indoctrination telling students not only have to accept lifestyle they have to celebrate it and embrace it,” said Monica Boyer, President of the Indiana Liberty Coalition.

This week, Hoosiers like Boyer are expressing outrage after a Lincoln Junior High teacher asked students to answer those questions that followed a 15 minute video.

“All that is when kids watch a video it’s easy for them to zone out so you give them an answer sheet to answer questions as they go through it to make sure they were listening watching and paying attention,” said Tyree.

Tyree says the teacher is in her first year.

“It’s really hard to get everything right that first year and so it’s the type of thing in the future id want her to work through with an administrator,” said Tyree.

But first year or not many in the community are expressing outrage.

One person commenting on the Marshall County Conservatives Facebook page:

“Ally? Show support? This is not facts or informative it is indoctrination.

Another Facebook user writing, “I’m so happy that I home school and I can choose what I believe is appropriate for my child to learn.”

“We would like the administration to make sure this never happens again this kind of indoctrination, hot political hot bed of topics are not discussed in classrooms especially health class,” said Boyer.

Superintendent Tyree adding that the decision on whether or not to discipline this teacher is a personnel issue and will not be discussed.

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