Health department officer speaks on President Trump's actions with COVID-19

NOW: Health department officer speaks on President Trump’s actions with COVID-19

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – Dr. Mark Fox, deputy health officer from the St. Joseph County Health department explained his thoughts and concerns on President Trump’s actions as he battles coronavirus.

In an interview with ABC57’s Brian Conybeare, Dr. Fox covered his thoughts on whether or not it is safe to send President Trump home at this point in his treatment.

Dr. Fox shared his opinion on the President’s decision of an impromptu motorcade around the hospital to wave to his supporters, and whether or not this event meets his definition of a super-spreader event.

When asked about the motorcade, Dr. Fox explained that it is just another example of disregard for public health protocols.

“That’s just the latest in a number of egregious examples of disregard for public health protocols,” said Dr. Fox. “The president traveled after having been identified as a close contact with someone who is known to be COVID positive, members of the staff have done the same. Senators and others have also traveled… There is some fundamental disregard for basic public health guidance related to isolation and quarantine. That’s really troubling.”

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