Health Department tips on hazards in the home after flooding

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. – The Berrien County Health Department have recommended several tips for residents returning to their homes as flood waters begin to recede.

A home that was flooded might hold mold or sewage that can cause health risks.

As you clean up the house, follow these tips to ensure safety:

Keep children and pets out of affected area

Wear rubber boots, globes, face masks, and other protective equipment

Use disinfected solutions like bleach and water to clean hard-surfaces

Remove and throw away items that cannot be disinfected (mattresses, carpeting, rugs, cosmetics, stuffed animals, pillows, etc)

According to BCHD, food that was in your home can be unsafe to consume after flood waters and power outages.

Wash the outsides of undamaged cans and glass jars before opening and consuming

Throw away all foods damaged or exposed to flood waters

Wash containers and kitchenware before using

Ensure water is safe, drink bottled water if it’s been compromised

BCHD suggested residents should assume mold growth if your home was not able to be dried out within 24-48 hours.

The exposure to mold can be dangerous and difficult to remove without professional help.

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