Health problems after water park trip

A Michigan mom is speaking out after her son came home from a Michiana water park with rashes and pimples all over his body.

She says her son is one of dozens of other Surfari Joe’s Waterpark customers with similar problems.

Fortunately, 7-year-old Brennen McCalla is doing much much better just 5 days since he visited the water park with his family but even though Brennan’s rashes are starting to fade, the attention to what’s happened to him, is increasing every day.

“Its been crazy between getting a hold of health department speaking with hotel having people contact  me, every day I wake up at least 5 messages from people saying oh my gosh this happened to my child people with eye infections, honestly been flooded with people its been crazy,” said Alexis McCalla, Brennen’s mother.

Plainwell, Michigan mother of two, Alexis McCalla tells ABC 57 her family will never step foot into Surfari Joe’s again.

On Sunday, McCalla took her two boys to the popular waterpark in Watervliet.

They spent hours riding the slides and enjoying the water.

Late Sunday evening, 7-year-old Brennen told his mom he was hurting but waited until they were home on Monday to show her the painful rashes.

A doctor’s visit confirmed Brennen had been diagnosed with both a mild chemical reaction and a bacterial infection.

“When he first got diagnosed I was frustrated, I definitely wanted to get the cost of the doctor taken care of because he did get it at the water park, but once I came home and started looking online at the reviews I got in contact with people that their children had the same exact thing that’s when it grew into why hasn’t this problem been fixed,” said Alexis.

The general manager of the park denies  any wrongdoing on his park’s end but McCalla says its quite clear something isn’t right at the park.

The Berrien County Health Department confirms that Surfari Joe’s passed their annual inspection but an official tells ABC 57 News, they will be conducting additional inspections this weekend.

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