Hearing officer recommends 60 day suspension for AG Curtis Hill

A hearing Officer has released a report in the disciplinary complaint against Attorney General Curtis Hill. In the report, the officer recommends a 60-day suspension of Hill without automatic reinstatement.

In March 2019, a complaint was filed against Hill alleging he violated the Rules of Professional Conduct and Rule 22 of the Rules of Admission and Discipline when he inappropriately touched four women during a Sine Die party on March 15, 2018.

The hearing officer found Hill violated Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct  8.4 (b) and 8.4 (d) but did not violate Admission and Discipline Rule 22.

The officer found

"Respondent's conduct was offensive, invasive, damaging and embarrassing to Brock, Reardon, Lozano and DaSilva. As Attorney General, he used his state office staff and others to engage in a public campaign to defend himself and intimidate the complainants. Based on all of the foregoing, the Hearing Officer recommends a sanction of a sixty (60) day suspension without automatic reinstatement."

The hearing officer's report is not a final determination.

The parties to the case have up to 30 days to file petitions for review of the report. If a petition for review or brief on sanction is filed, the other party has 30 days to respond, the filing party has 15 days to reply.

The Indiana Supreme Court will have the final authority in the case, including any sanctions.

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