Heat takes an even bigger toll on toddlers and infants

Temperatures hit 90 degrees in South Bend Tuesday, marking the third straight day of a heat wave across Michiana.

While morning clouds helped cool things down initially, once the sun emerged in the afternoon, heat index values soared into the middle 90s, making it dangerous for infants and toddlers to be outside for long.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, once the heat index eclipses 90 degrees, young children could be at risk for overheating, and eventually, heat-related illnesses. 

If your infant or toddler is very warm to the touch, sweating a lot, or is overly tired or weak, they might be showing signs of heat-related illness.

The heat index in South Bend will likely remain above 90 degrees in the afternoon for the rest of this week, with relief possible by Sunday. 


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