Helping homeless heroes fundraiser

NOW: Helping homeless heroes fundraiser

MISHAWAKA, Ind – Hundreds of people are expected at the sixth annual Helping homeless heroes event.

The annual event is held to raise money to help local homeless veterans find housing.

Homes for Heroes representative Jim McKinnie’s says helping Veterans in any way is a goal.

“Homes for heroes is a program that helps veterans obtain housing so it helps veterans that are buying houses but I wanted to do something because my passion isn’t just veterans that are buying houses it’s veterans that may not have a house” McKinnie’s said.

All of the proceeds raised at the Helping homeless heroes’ event will go to the Robert Miller Center and the Kernans heroes program.

The Robert Miller Centers rising veterans fund will be the recipient of today’s donations.

“The dollars generally go towards the rising veterans fund and the purpose of the rising veterans who seek education, employment and permanent housing” Kent Laudeman of the Robert Miller Center said.  

Event organizers said the goal of today’s event is to raise $5,000 for homeless veterans.

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