High water causing major problems; Visitors still excited to see high waves

NOW: High water causing major problems; Visitors still excited to see high waves

NEW BUFFALO, Mich. --- High winds and rain created bigger waves along Lake Michigan and raised flooding concerns for New Buffalo.

The New Buffalo Municipal Marina, the bridgeway crossing over to New Buffalo City Beach and Lions Pavilion Park have been the three biggest problem flooding areas in New Buffalo since the spring, according to David Richards, City Manager.

The increase in rain fall creates more flooding in the city, which can then lead to major problems.

“The issue is that drains, that normally drain the street out to the river, are backing up," said David Richards, New Buffalo City Manager. The river is actually draining into the street,” said Richards.

Low spots near the bridge leading over to the beach flooded and street damage in the area needs to be repaired.

The water in Lions Pavilion Park is constantly pumped out for approximately 10 hours a day in an effort to keep levels down.

Since the spring, New Buffalo Municipal Marina has had only 10 slip spots out of 30 available because 20 of the slip spots have been under water.

“And now that winter’s coming, we need to come up with a plan to get them out of the water,” said Richards. “So that they don’t get damaged by ice and we’re taking quotes now to do that,” said Richards.

However, the flooding, high winds and cold temperatures did not stop people—even from out of town—from going to see the waves at New Buffalo Beach on Tuesday.

“We checked the wave height and it said like 10 feet, going to get quieter this afternoon,” said Diane Kuhl, New Carlisle Resident. “So we hopped in the car as soon as possible so we could see the show,” said Kuhl.

“And when the waves get big, that changes everything out here,” said Cindy Pavolka-Scheidel, New Carlisle Resident. “The dunes are shifting and the beach if shifting and it’s just exhilarating,” said Pavolka-Scheidel.

One couple driving from Detroit back home to Illinois stopped for gas when they saw just how close the water was and wanted to see the action for themselves.

“I saw we were really close to the water…I had no idea it was going to look like that…it’s really cool,” said Kyle Mesa, Illinois Resident.

“Driving by, it’s gorgeous…it’s like nature absolutely going crazy,” said Bunny Mesa, Illinois Resident.


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