High waves continue for the lake shore today

NOW: High waves continue for the lake shore today


High waves continue to break against the pier in St. Joseph earlier today! Waves will be the highest this morning, right around 6 to 7 feet. As we push throughout the day, we'll continue to see high waves, so red flags will be up again, but finally dropping below red flag criteria by 6 pm. We'll continue to calm down from there as this massive low pressure system pushes farther east, away from Michiana.

But, for today, it's not a good swimming day again. It'll be surfer's delight but it's not recommended to get in the water. Tomorrow will be great once again to get in the water as the green flags come back out. Sunshine returns too at the lake shore, but temperatures are still cool in the mid to upper 70s.

The risk for waterspouts continues again for today. The chance is very low, but as long as the low-level clouds and the lake effect rain showers stick around, it's still a possibility. The waterspouts possible today are fair-weather waterspouts, meaning they don't originate from severe thunderstorms.Fair-weather waterspouts form when cooler air sweeps across a large body of water quickly, forcing warmer air up. Extra spin in the atmosphere, thanks to a passing low for instance, allows that warmer air to spin, and can create a waterspout. These whirling columns actually form from the surface up to the cloud, instead of the other way around for regular twisters. The chance that these make landfall is low, but if they do, they don't last very long on land and tend to die out quickly.

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