Higher Indiana Toll Road rates, gas prices stopping some travelers

NOW: Higher Indiana Toll Road rates, gas prices stopping some travelers


ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind., --- AAA predicted 48 million Americans are expected to travel for the holiday with majority of them hitting the road and folks traveling on the Indiana Toll Road will be paying about 10% more this time around.

Although increased toll road rates coupled with those higher gas prices aren’t stopping some folks from traveling during the fourth of july weekend, others pumped the brakes on their holiday plans.

“Usually, I go up to Wisconsin and do a little get away for the weekend but the prices in Illinois it’s almost become impossible,” said Jerry Lewin who commutes to Michiana for work.

Lewin is one of the many folks ABC57 talked to who ditched their annual holiday plans because of higher toll road rates and gas prices.

“I get affected by that a lot because I travel to here weekly,” he said.

“It kind of putting things to a halt and forcing people to spend way more out of their income to try and keep up,” added Earnest Ferguson who lives in Michiana.

Starting July 1, drivers traveling across the Indiana Toll Road with two axle vehicles can expect to pay about a $1.22 more while five axle trucks will more than $6.50 extra.

Something that’s still didn't hold back other travelers this weekend.

“I'm going to visit family so that’s a high priority in my life, even though prices are higher that’s a big impact especially for a teacher, those prices are somewhat of a deterrent, but we found cheaper ways,” said Kristen Hanes, who traveling for the Holiday.

“I don’t really get to see my folks as much, so I guess it’s more of an urgency to go be around family and I rarely get to see them because of this so I'm willing to risk it,” said Ferguson.

With millions of Hoosiers joining the 42 million Americans expected to be out on the roadways, officials echoed the importance of safety during the busy travel weekend.

“Just be prepared for congested traffic. Like I always say put down your distractions. We’re hands free in Indiana so don’t have that phone be a distraction to you. Make sure you’re well rested especially if you’re traveling a long distance because drowsy driving is dangerous driving and of course drive sober,” said Sergeant Ted Bohner with Indiana State Police.

Triple a predicts this fourth of July to be one of the busiest travel weekends since about 2019.

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