Hilltop Cafe raises funds for employees

NOW: Hilltop Cafe raises funds for employees

BUCHANAN, Mich. – With the three-week long pandemic pause in Michigan underway, the owners of Hilltop Cafe in Buchanan are feeling worried about the livelihoods of their employees. So, they decided to donate their profits as a fundraiser.

Even though Hilltop Cafe is a small business that is feeling financial impacts, the owners have donated 100% of the profits from Friday to their employees.

The cafe employs 12 people and worried how the shutdown of indoor dining would affect their pay.

"Friday is our busiest day, it’s our fish fry, so we’re going to take all of that money and divide it by 12 to give everyone an equal cut and then we’re also going to try our best to do our Christmas bonuses now too," said Maria and Dion Bouzas, owners of Hilltop Cafe.

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