Historic guns on display at South Bend FOP

 SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Guns from one of the country's greatest unsolved mysteries were on display at South Bend's Fraternal Order of Police on Sunday.

A museum of criminal artifacts accompanied a law enforcement competition shoot that the FOP was hosting.

Lieutenant Mike Kline of the Berrien County Sheriff Department showcased many of the weapons used in the infamous Saint Valentine's Day Massacre, which took place in Chicago in 1929, along with equipment used in other high-profile crimes in the region. 

"These things just have huge significance, ballistically and historically. As much as you think the St. Valentine's Day massacre that happened so long ago, that there's no interest in it, there still is," said Lieutenant Kline.

Lieutenant Kline travels all around the country showing off these historical pieces that are all a part of the Berrien County Armory's inventory.

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