Holiday Pop-Up Shops open in South Bend

For the first time, ten new retails shops are opening in downtown South Bend as part of the popup shop program.

Walk into the South Bend Brew Works and you may never have a bar tab again.

"I think it’s such like a mystical phenomenon and people don't really understand that its really easy to make your own beer,” said Alec Anderson of South Bend Brew Works.

The store is right next to the state theater.

It sells all the ingredients you would need to make your own wine, beer or soda, but it didn’t have it all Friday morning.

"Actually at 10 o’clock this morning we didn’t have any electricity. We had no inventory. So everything that you see right now was put into place in the last 4 hours,” said Andrew Elegante.

The fast-paced setup schedule stressed out these local business owners.

But after Friday afternoon's opening, they say word spreads surprisingly quickly.

"We made a Facebook page two or three days ago and as of two hours ago, I think I checked, we had 66 likes. Almost everybody who's wandered in to say 'Hey what is this?' has said 'Oh I know some people that home brew I'll tell them to come this way,’” said Elegante.

The business is just one of 10 new shops that popped-up downtown on Friday.

The 3 year old DTSB program gives local businesses the chance to test out downtown's retail.

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