Fulton County community rallies behind tornado victims

FULTON COUNTY, Ind. — A EF-3 tornado caused severe damage after touching down in Fulton County, wreaking havoc on homes and businesses.

The stricken community is now tasked with cleanup efforts.

One homeowner spent the day cleaning up what was left of their residence. The homeowner's sister, Nancy Sander, described the scene.

“We figure the house flew up, knocked down the tree and then it all deposited,” said Sander. “One of those things, it’ll be a lot of cleanup; I think that’s part of the table, part of the table there.”

Those devastated by the tornado face a long road ahead as they pick up the pieces and recover from the devastation.

Volunteers in the community are rallying behind those impacted.

ABC 57 spoke to one volunteer, Abby Richardson, who said volunteering with tornado relief efforts was a no-brainer after seeing the damage that people are facing, adding that neighbors always help each other out.

“We’re a farm community but we’re a smaller community. We basically know each other and we all work together and do stuff when stuff happens like this,” Richardson said. She adds, “There aren’t very many tornadoes that come through here, so it’s not common but there are a lot of people who have come together.”

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