Hoosiers anticipate restaurants reopening on Monday

NOW: Hoosiers anticipate restaurants reopening on Monday

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- Governor Eric Holcomb's 'Back on Track' plan will allow restaurants to reopen their dining areas at 50% capacity starting Monday. However some restaurants will wait till later in May to reopen their dining areas.

For some restaurants, carryout and delivery orders have barely been enough to pay bills. Others are still waiting to get funding for the government's Payroll Protection Program. 

"It’s pretty hard having a business where there’s no money coming in but there’s still money going out to things like utilities, rent, there were still even things from when we were open," said Philip Schriber, co-owner of Taphouse on the Edge. 

Most customers have had to revert to carry out or delivery orders in order to stay connected to their favorite restaurants. "We’ve really just been doing pick up but a lot of Uber Eats," said Keegan Smith.

Taphouse on the Edge will wait until Tuesday to reopen its doors. While some Hoosiers say they will also wait before dining in restaurants, they are excited to start feeding into the local economy.

"I encourage individuals to go to those restaurants and help some of those businesses that might have been struggling to help get us back to normal as soon as possible," said Teddy Fitzgerald. 

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