Hope Ministries reaches their $30,000 fundraising goal

Monday evening Hope Ministries received a matching grant from an anonymous foundation for the $30,000 goal they had originally set. Hope is in the process of building a new outdoor playscape right in their backyard.

This area will be for both parents and children to come and spend quality time together. Although the matching grant was a pleasant surprise it wasn’t the only source of fundraising income.

“Get this over the summer we had groups of kids fundraisers in their church to help build this playscape. So I’ve gotta tell you having that matching grant matched feels tremendous to us,” said Jessie Klein the Director of Community Relations at Hope.

Hope is currently in the stage of selecting a contractor for construction, but plans of breaking ground are for set for the end of September. 

Klein says not only did the grant allow them to make this playscape a year round activity, but it also enabled them to look beyond what they thought their expectations were.

“Our kids don’t have the ability to outside in the snow. So our kids will actually use this playscape year round," says Klein. "In the fall they’ll use it to play in the leaves and things like that and then throughout the winter they’ll use it to play in the snow and enjoy experiences they have not had.”      

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