Host of Home Stretch talks Cubs fever in Michiana

Cubs fever - its spreading all across Michiana and if you don’t have it yet, that might change by tomorrow night as the Chicago Cubs look to clinch their first World Series birth since 1945.

One hour before Pat Doherty hit the airwaves-

 “Super busy day,” said Pat Doherty, Host of “Home Stretch”.

The host of the Home Stretch on ESPN’s 102.7 is preparing to talk about his favorite team.

 “Die hard life-long cubs fan,” said Doherty.

On the eve of one of the most important games in Chicago Cubs history-

 “Since 1940’s they haven’t been to the world series,” said Doherty.

Saturday night, the Chicago Cubs will host the Los Angeles Dodgers in game 6 of the National League Championship Series.

One the line a spot in the world series and a chance to win their first world series title since 1908.

 “108 years is a long time,” said Doherty.

With Notre Dame off to a two and five start, Doherty admits it hasn’t been a friendly sports season in South Bend.

The Cubs, says Doherty, are “The only bright spot.”

We give you a look inside Doherty’s show which was organized by chaos with cubs fans texting in all afternoon.

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