Hot, rainy weather perfect for mosquitoes

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- During mosquito awareness week, local health officials want you to remember to protect yourself and your family.

St. Joseph County Health officials say this hot and humid weather is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

While most see mosquitoes as just a nuisance, they can be harmful to your health because they can spread diseases.

"We have to spray ourselves with repellent because on the river, the mosquitoes will be enormous out there,' said Bob Heiderman, a paddler on the East Race.


Heiderman says he loves the outdoors, but this summer his outdoor activities are limited thanks to a high number of mosquitoes.


"I avoid the woods because the mosquitoes are so bad and the ticks are so bad this year," said Heiderman.

The hot weather is perfect for mosquitoes.

"Mosquitoes, their life cycle definitely speeds up under hot, wet conditions. When it's warmer, it takes a lot less time, even days less for them to go from egg stage to adult stage," said Linda Mauller, St. Joseph County Environmental Health Assistant  Director

Mosquitoes like to breed in standing and stagnant water. There's a lot of standing water thanks to recent rains.


"I see it in my pool at home, it's overflowing the pool, then you're constantly pumping it, and then you've got water standing in planters or buckets or something like that, mosquitoes will thrive on something like that," said Heiderman.


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