House Bill giving Michiana residents a bad hair day

GRANGER, IND. --  Karen Goldbach has always dreamt of becoming a hair stylist.

"I love making people happy by doing their hair", said Goldbach.

So she went for it.  She is now in her fourth month at Michiana Beauty College on her way to becoming a beautician. 

She said many have just wasted $15,000 on her 18-month program, because state Represtative David Wolkins from Kosciousko County just introduced House Bill 1006.  A bill that states hairdressers and barbers do not need to be licensed in the state of Indiana.

"We are going to listen to the testimony and decide what to do then. I would guess there will be some changes in the cosmetology part of it," said David Wolkins.

"When we do perms. The neutralizer can tear someones skin and scalp off and they can go bald," said Goldbach.

Customers at Jaross Salon in Granger say they would not go to an unlicensed stylist.  They say Indiana should leave it to the professions.

"I want to make sure they have had the proper training and i want to make sure that it is going to be done right," said customer.

Goldbach said you wouldn't let an unlicensed dentist work on your teeth so why let an unlicensed stylist do your hair?

"I don't think they realize what goes into cosmetology school," said Goldbach. "It's more than turning on a curling iron and cutting somebody's hair. We have anatomy classes and we learn about different skin diseases."


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