House fire in Michigan kills woman and child

NOW: House fire in Michigan kills woman and child

WHITE PIGEON, Mich.—A house fire early Tuesday in St. Joseph County, Michigan has killed a pregnant woman in her mid 30s and a seven-year-old boy.

White Pigeon’s Fire Chief confirmed that firefighters were called to a home at 115 W. Chicago Rd. at approximately 3:11 a.m. regarding a house fire.

St. Joseph County’s 911 center received a call that a home was on fire with a 4-year-old child inside. Minutes later the caller, a 15-year-old boy, stated the 4-year-old child was out of the home.

First arriving command officers describe the home ablaze with fire shooting out of multiple windows.

A smoke alarm was going off in the home when crews arrived.

Command officers discovered some of the occupants outside of the home screaming that there were two occupants still inside on the second floor of the home.

Engine crews attempted to enter the structure but due to heavy fire conditions were unable to make entry.

Several families lived in the home, totaling eleven people.

Eight people made it out of the home with a child rescued from a window by one of the occupants who had exited the home prior to the arrival of firefighters.

Seven people were transported to an area hospital for medical evaluation and smoke inhalation.

Two dogs were also in the home. One died.

After containing the blaze, firefighters located two deceased victims, a 7-year-old and a 36-year-old pregnant woman.

Michigan State Fire Investigators arrived to the scene to determine a cause and origin of the blaze.

One of the occupants of the home spoke to investigators where they allegedly stated they found the couch on fire after waking up.

Another occupant allegedly told investigators they saw a couch on fire, another occupant told investigators they saw flames originating from behind the couch.

At the time of this update, fire officials were told that all but one of the occupants were released from the hospital and are in fair condition.

Another occupant remains under medical evaluation for a condition unrelated to the fire.

School counselors were on hand at the local school district to aid in helping staff members and children deal with the news and officials say they will be available Wednesday as well.

Tri-Township Fire Department, St. Joseph County Sheriff’s Department, Life Care Ambulance, St. Joseph County Victim Services, Red Cross, Michigan State Fire Investigation Unit, MDOT, Constantine Fire Department and White Pigeon Police Department and several community members assisted in the investigation.

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