Housing boom continues in Mishawaka

NOW: Housing boom continues in Mishawaka


Is the princess city becoming the settle down city for homeowners?

City officials say everyone from Millennials to retirees are looking to call Mishawaka home as new housing developments continue to grow around town.

By the numbers this city has seen a consistent growth in development over the past three years.

Mishawaka saw just over $67 million in new construction in 2014, $85 million in 2015 and$ 98 million last year.

Thursday, Mayor Dave Wood said, he believes the city will exceed the $100 million mark.

“We’re anticipating a huge year economic development wise,” said Mayor Wood. “And we have no reason to believe it’s letting up soon.”

The mayor and representatives from the Barak Group broke ground again in Mishawaka.

“The princess city is becoming the city, in my opinion in the whole Michiana,” said Barak Group founder, Nir Davison. “Mishawaka has always welcomed us, which is important and the business environment was very friendly for our business.”

10 villas have been built in the Reverewood subdivision.

 50 new homes are expected to round out the neighborhood in two years.

And with construction already underway, neighbors welcome growth in their backyards.

“It is absolutely great for the economy,” said neighbor Mary Ann Bortone. “I just fell in love with Mishawaka, I love Mishawaka, I don’t have any desire to move out of it.”

New neighbors could soon sprout about outside this side of town.

The Barak Group will also break ground near the Riverwalk downtown, and then there’s the dozens of affordable homes headed to Byrkit and Borley next year under the Jimmy Carter Foundation Project.

“It’s really encouraging to see growth in all sectors of our city,” said Mayor Wood.

Growth with geographic diversity is the goal for this growing city.

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