How powerful flood waters can be

NOW: How powerful flood waters can be


In the event of flash flooding, heavy rain adds up quickly over a short amount of time.

The water doesn't have enough time to soak into the ground and drains cannot handle that much water at once. Flooding begins to occur as the water continues to rise.

Due to the added effects of terrain, water quickly collects in low lying areas and valleys. You'll start to see rushing water down roadways and hilly yards and this can be very dangerous.

Just 6" of rapidly moving water can sweep a person off their feet and a 1.5 to 2 ft can float a car down the


This is why it is very important to remember in events like these to "turn around and don't drown".

During the flash flooding event of August 15th, there were reports of a least a dozen water rescues due to it.  

Chief Meteorologist Tom Coomes sat down with Major Pete Buttigieg to discuss the flood clean and recovery after this event. You can find that interview by clicking here

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