Safely celebrating Thanksgiving during a pandemic

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. –Thanksgiving is just four days away, and as you prepare for the holiday, health officials are urging that you keep COVID safety precautions in mind.

The center for disease and control recommends forgoing travel plans. But, if you still plan to head to South Bend to celebrate the holiday with family. Dr. Mark Fox, the Deputy Health Officer for St. Joseph said there are potential risks involved.

“The face masks are an important piece of it, but that alone is not enough to protect you based on the crowd or duration of exposure,” Fox said.

The Deputy Health Officer for St. Joseph County said unless there’s a compelling reason to travel, you probably shouldn’t.

But, if you do plan to travel, keep in mind that a large group of people will increase the likelihood of getting infected. Add that, with the duration of exposure and circulation of the same air, Dr. Fox said all these components are risks that all play a role in transmission.

Thanksgiving dinner can also pose risks of infection, even for those that are not traveling outside the Michiana area.

“Based on where we are in South Bend, if you have a gathering of 10 people, there’s a 40 percent chance that someone is infected with COVID. Those numbers actually will likely continue to escalate as the weeks go by,” Dr. Fox said.

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