How to keep the relationship alive this Valentine's Day

NOW: How to keep the relationship alive this Valentine’s Day


ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. –It takes more than love to keep any relationship going, and this year with the pandemic many relationships have been put to the test.

But how do you keep a relationship from going stale?

A local licensed counselor in Elkhart said to keep a relationship alive it’s important to make time for the little things that make you both happy. This includes laughter and bonding.

“laughter is connecting, and especially because if we're laughing, we’ve got something that we enjoy together that we both are on the same page,” said Roseann Woodka, Ph.D. with Psychological & Family Consultants

Every relationship is unique in its way, nobody knows their partner more than you and with the pandemic, it seems we’re seeing more of our significant other than usual. Woodka said this can put a strain on any relationship.

Giving each other space and maintaining your regular routine can help, but it also should be communicated with one another.

To keep a relationship going, Woodka said laughing and doing small gestures of love can go a long way. Whether it's reminiscing of how you first met or going on walks together.

You can also express emotions and appreciation to one another that go beyond the “I love you"

“Looking at things that you enjoy doing that might have kind of more of a significance or more meaningful with a little bit deeper level,” Woodka said.

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