How to spot heat exhaustion and heat stroke

Michiana is staying hot, and the humidity is rising, meaning that this week is going to feel even hotter than last. 

With the hot, humid conditions starting to feel more "normal" to us, it is important that we still take it seriously, as heat can have negative impacts on our health. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are conditions we have to watch for this week, especially if you plan on working outdoors, playing sports, or simply spending time outside for the holiday week.

Below are the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. The top three signs are both similar in heat exhaustion and heat stroke, but the bottom three can show you the difference and severity of the situation. Heat stroke requires immediate medical attention. Heat exhaustion is treatable on your own.


Dogs can have heat exhaustion and heat stroke as well, so much sure to keep your pet cool. Also, make sure not to leave your children or pets in vehicles during this type of heat. 

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