Howard Schultz discusses policy in speech at Purdue University

NOW: Howard Schultz discusses policy in speech at Purdue University

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. --Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz visited central Indiana on Thursday to talk about his possible presidential run as an independent. He spoke at Purdue University about his background and his vision for the country.

It has only been 10 days since Schultz first announced he was considering running for president.

During his speech, he said he’s still deciding whether or not a political run is what he wants to do.

But he did break down what he thinks need to change in Washington to move the country forward.

“The truth is our representative democracy doesn’t represent us anymore," Schultz said.

Talking to a room of a few hundred people Schultz called out the current political climate.

A climate he says has caused Americans to lose faith.

“The magnitude of the failures can be found in the divisiveness, in the dysfunction of our two party system," Schultz said.

Schultz called out the failures of polarization in politics further pushing his vision for an independent presidential campaign.

“Leading as an independent would allow me to represent all of the American people and focus on the best solutions through a new non-partisan lens," Schultz said.

It was the first time Schultz discussed policy.

He discussed healthcare, immigration and gun reform with solutions he says are fueled by the opinion of the majority of Americans.

He also called for a simple, holistic approach to education and said it's time to balance the budget in our country.

All problems he says can be tackled with one thing - authentic leadership.

He said he doesn't think that's something President Trump has delivered.

“Trump's first two years in office have resulted in serious damage here at home and abroad. He has poisoned our culture and our values giving hate and hate speech and racism and bigotry license," Schultz said.

His announcement to run as an independent has raised concerns from Democrats who say he would take votes away from the Democratic party and give Trump a better chance at re-election.

After the speech, he responded to his critics.

“Respectfully, here’s my response to that. Trump cannot serve a second term," Schultz said.

He says Americans need a legitimate choice as a third party option.

“Many more Republicans I think are going to be looking for a home. Lifelong Republicans if they have a different choice," Schultz said.

Schultz said he will not consider running as a Democrat and he will only run if he's certain it will keep President Trump from being re-elected.

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